Your First day 🐣

We hope that you are…

Depending on your location, the first day agenda might looks a bit different for you in comparison to others. However, you can generally expect a few things on your first day:

As long as the pandemic is still a threat and travelling is still limited, all of our onboarding will take place online πŸ’» Our Onboarding Process has been designed so that it could always be online.

Since the pandemic regulations are being loosen up, if you wish to come to the office on the first day, please ping your Culture Manager

Our offices are open with limited capacity and sanitary regulations. We use the Spacetailor app for office check-in and planning.

  • If you are starting on the first Monday of the month, or on a Monday, it is likely that you will attend our All Hands or Town Hall session πŸŽ‰

  • Being greeted (virtually if you are remote) by our People, Culture and Employer Branding Manager in your first HR Onboarding Session!

  • After the session, you will get sometimes to set up your accounts. Various invites have been sent to you in your inbox. On your first day, you won’t have to be the master in every single applications just yet! But you should at least get your accounts up-and-running πŸƒπŸΎ

  • Time to take a break: Feel free to attend a virtual lunch with your team or take time off yourself 🍝🍜πŸ₯—πŸ›

  • Explore our ultimate Slack sphere πŸ‘ A lot things at ultimate happen on Slack! Take time to take a look at all the channels that you have been added to. We have a Slack Etiquette guideline you can find up top. Ask your manager about the channel you should join.

  • Say Hi to everyone on the #general channel on Slack πŸ’¬ Everyone has heard about you but they are eager to know more!

  • You will attend another Onboarding Session on your first day, it will either be that of Product team or from Reetu ✌🏼 If you start mid-month, chances are you are invited to the next month's sessions. All of our onboarding sessions happen at the beginning of the month.

  • Phew it has been a crazy day! in the afternoon your manager will have a quick 30-min check-in with you πŸ›Ž