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What is Ultimate? 🤓

Ultimate is the leading customer service automation platform. We use deep learning to transform how people work in customer service. Solutions like ours are driving the wave in intelligent CRMs.Ultimate 's proprietary deep learning technology enables customer service automation in all languages. 

Who is Ultimate 💡

Behind a great product is always a great team, and at Ultimate , it is no different. We are a team of smart, hungry and open-minded folks who believe in better customer experience. Running a good AI business starts with building a humane workplace: We welcome you as you are, we grow with you as you break boundaries and we celebrate you as we tackle the problems of our customers, one chat at a time

What is this Open Book for? 👩🏻‍💻

Publishing this Open Book about Ultimate speaks true to our identity of transparency and hits many birds with one stone: We understand that choosing the next station for your career is not an easy feat and three one-hour interviews in a row might not paint you the picture you need to make a decision. This Open Book helps shining a light on our identity as a company.

This Open Book also improves the Onboarding Process tremendously once you have decided to be part of the ride. You will find all the information you need for your Onboarding so you always stay on top of your game.

Still curious to know more?

Please reach out to our Head of Talent (Izzy Burman), or pretty much anyone working at Ultimate. Our employees are our proudest ambassadors.



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