The Application Process

πŸ”₯ Our Ultimate Recruiting Commitment to you πŸ”₯


We aim to provide a transparent, personable and informative interview experience for both of us.


This means:

Transparency πŸ”¬

  • We tell it as it is. Before you even engage in the process, you have the chance to envision your future with us through this Open Book.

  • We have heard times and times again about how companies cancel contracts just a few weeks before the starting date or the hiring process got frozen all of the sudden, while we cannot guarantee that unexpected incidents won’t happen, but we can guarantee you that our Head count planning is always very reliable.

Personable 🌞

  • Relationships matter! There are folks who have been interviewing with us, things did not work out that time but they now end up being a happy ultiMATE. Chances are we will cross paths, therefore we want to build a relationship with you. This holds us accountable for creating an enjoyable recruiting process so that we will remain in your mind ❀️ If you want to stay updated about our job opportunities, please also consider a subscription to our newest positions.

Informative πŸ’‘

  • We do our best to provide you with actionable feedback at each stage of the process and that you stay as informed and prepared as possible going to the steps of the interview process.

  • We are very open to feedback so if you feel like saying something, tell us what you think directly!