Equipment πŸ’»

We want you to be comfortable and to have the equipment you need to succeed. Your initial requirements will be set up as part of your employee onboarding and your equipment will be ready on your first day.Β 

During the pandemic and in the future, with our company going remote-first, the onboarding process will stay predominantly remote. This means that your equipment will arrive at your place a week before the actual onboarding (No worries, our awesome Employee Experience Manager will get in touch with you to confirm your address first! πŸŽ‰)

Our Standard equipment for all employees includes a laptop ,USB Adapter, mouse and keyboard. If you are office-first, you will also have a monitor at the office for you. Client facing roles are also provided a headset. If your role requires additional specialist equipment this will be discussed during your onboarding.Β 

Feel free to arrange your workspace as you would like. If you require something not already supplied, you are entitled to use your Home Office Budget (150EUR for Office-first Employees and 300EUR for Remote-first Employees) πŸ”₯


We are mostly Mac users in the company. However, if you need a Windows machine for your work, let us know. All laptops and equipment remain company property.Β 

For non-technical roles:

Macbook Pro: 13.3” display, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB HD

For technical/graphic roles:

Macbook Pro: 13.3” display, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB HD

Sometimes there may be small variations in specs depending on availability.

If you think you require different specs than those listed, please give details to the Office Manager.

Home-Office Equipment Budget πŸ’Ά

  • Remote-first employees are entitled to a budget of 300EUR and Office-first employees are entitled to a budget of 150EUR, deducting from the Personal Development Budget.

  • Things that are not covered in the Standard Set-up (e.g. a chair, a lamp) or a more expensive model of the items in the Standard Set-up should be covered by the Home-Office Equipment Budget.

  • Generally, we only cover items that will create a productive and fulfilling workplace at home. This includes: Office Chairs, Desk/ Standing Desks, Monitor, Keyboard, Webcam, Headphones, Microphone, Laptop Stand and Lightning. If your items are not in the list, ping the People Team and we will take it into consideration.

  • Employees don’t have to spend their HO Equipment Budget. The unspent amount of budget will be counted as Personal Development Budget.

  • In the case of termination of employment, the items purchased by the Employees out of the HO Equipment budget will be in their possession.

For newbies who don’t know yet how much budget they are entitled to, our Culture Manager will inform you