Onboarding Tools 🔨

Mirror mirror on the wall…

Out of the trillion tools…

Who is the best of them all? (for Onboarding)

It is Trello and Confluence! 🚀

After thinking about which tools to use for our Onboarding, we have decided to go for Trello and Confluence. Why you ask?

  • It is simple and the learning curve is small enough for Onboarding.

  • It has great integration with other tools we are currently using, namely Jira and Confluence.

With Confluence as the Knowledge base of all-thing-Onboarding and Trello as the exact replicate of Confluence’s Onboarding Spaceship, equipped with tick boxes and cards, we hope to make your Onboarding as seamless as possible.

Each newbie will receive a Trello Onboarding board (see the screenshot below) where all the tasks for General Onboarding, and for some teams, for Deparment Onboardings are listed as First day to-dos, First week(s) to-dos; First month to-dos and even First Quarter to-dos. All the cards have detailed description and are linked back either to Confluence or other resources. All this ensures that you don’t have to find your own way in confluence but you can wander around with a map in your hands, and that map is your Onboarding Trello board. 

We are currently going through some changes in the Onboarding process and trying to involve the use of Trello and Confluence for Onboarding for every team. Therefore, don’t be surprised when your team doesn’t use Trello

A sneak-peak of our Trello board