🛫 Pre-boarding

As soon as you put in that DocuSign signature, you are…

Our Onboarding phase starts with this moment, with the Pre-boarding phase aka the time from when you sign until when you officially start!

Within 3 days after you have verbally accepted the contract…

  • Our Recruiter will introduce you to the Operations team, who will in turn prepare the contract and other necessary documents for you.

  • Expect your contract via DocuSign! The contract package will include an employment contract; Bonus/ Commission scheme (if applicable) and the Stock Option letter, since Ultimate for All, our in-house ESOP, gives all of our employees the chance to be a part of our success. Read more about the stock option plan here.

Within 48 hours after you have signed the contract…

  • Our Culture Manager will ask you to fill in the payroll form and the onboarding form, where you will have the chance to pick out your hardware, information/ documents for documentation purposes and other things to make sure we prepare the best possible onboarding for you 🤓

  • If applicable, we will start the preparation for your visa/blue card application process.

From then until 1 week before your starting date…

  • If you are relocating to Berlin, this is probably a very stressful time! We want to help! Besides the support we offer for visa application process.

  • During this time, if you have any question whatsoever regarding your onboarding. However, feel free to read this Confluence page since we are pretty confident it should have all the things you need to know before you start!

  • If you want to have earlier accesses to our information and knowledge base to gain insights of your roles, contact your manager and our Culture manager.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you have the chance to wind off before starting with us, do just that! We want you to be relaxed and all freshen up for your new ultimate adventure 🙌🏻

1,5 week to 1 week before your starting date…

  • Our Culture Manager will get in touch with you to give you an overview of our Onboarding Process and clarify all the nits and bits of the first day!

  • Our Employee Experience Manager will reach out to you via email and send you an onboarding package with the needed hardwares and the ultimate Swags 🎉 Take a pic and tell us on Social Media that you are now an #ultiMATEs.

2 days before your starting date…

  • Our Culture Manager will send you your credentials for your online accesses.

  • Upon accessing your inbox, you will see that all the accesses have been sent to you as well.