๐Ÿ’ธ Compensation

Compensation philosophyย ๐Ÿง 

The philosophy behind ultimate.ai 's compensation is to create a compensation structure that supports the company's mission and values. We believe in providing fair and equal pay and keep compensation on a consistent level across the organisation. An attractive compensation package is an important part of the employee experience and we want you to feel valued and recognised for your hard work.ย 

Compensation strategyย ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Our compensation strategy is influenced by many different factors, such as:

  • Market factors - ultimate.ai is a medium-sized tech company in the European market. We review the market data accordingly and keep the salary benchmarks up-to date, using our internal data built up by our in-house recruitment team and external reliable sources.

  • Positioning - We commit to pay base salaries above market rate to ensure employee satisfaction and attract top talent.ย 

  • Growth opportunities - We are a growing company, and people grow with us. Growth opportunities offer a rapid acceleration of your career and your compensation package increases in line with your career development.ย 

Compensation plan โš™๏ธ

A compensation strategy forms the backbone of our compensation plan. This plan includes base salary, stock options, personal development budget, paid time-off, flexible working hours and yearly company off-sites.ย 

  • Base salary - We operate with a clear benchmarking tied to roles and seniority levels to ensure equal pay. We do not use salary ranges to avoid discrepancies between salaries. Salary increase is tied to career progression. Our career progression framework provides the guiding principle for managing compensation when you level up in your career.ย 

  • Stock options - We strongly believe in employee ownership in our Company. We are in business to create value for all of our stakeholders; our customers and partners, our employees, our shareholders, the customer service industry, and the technology community.ย  Our commitment to creating value for stakeholders vs. shareholders is one way that we live our Ethics value.

Ultimate for All gives every team member the opportunity to share in the growth and success of the company. Our open and inclusive ESOP program fosters a culture of transparency, ownership and collaboration at Ultimate.ย It also sends the right message: that weโ€™re all in this together, and that no matter where you are in the organisation, everyone has the potential to drive real impact through their work.

  • Personal Development Budget - The purpose of the budget is to provide an opportunity for you to build your skills and try new things. We want to encourage all types of learning and holistic development. It can be used throughout the year, in one go or in many chunks, up to a total value of โ‚ฌ1 000 per calendar year.ย 

PPD can be used for classes (language classes, workshops, online courses), sports (yoga, surfing, archery), activities (pottery, singing) or books/podcasts.ย 

โ‚ฌ300 from your PD Budget can also be used as Home-Office Budget, if you are Remote-First and need an awesome set-up for your workplace at home.ย 

  • Vacation days - You have 28 days annual leave to take longer periods of time to rest and recuperate outside of work.ย 

  • Flexible working hours - Trust is a foundational element of our team culture. We trust you to deliver results instead of counting your working hours. You have the flexibility to decide when you are the most productive, whether you are an early bird or a night owl.ย 

  • Company Off-sites: once a year, we all get together in an awesome and sunny location to celebrate our wins and spend quality time together. We make sure these Off-sites are fun and relaxing and it is our way to say thank you for your hard work and efforts