The Art of the Deal 🔦

Just like the rest of the company, #TheUltimateSalesTeam grows fast, strong, and fearlessly. Putting more structure into our Sales team (mind you, just a year ago we only had only 4 sales folks, that number is now 14) and our expansion plan to the US means there are a handful of positions to be filled.

We don’t do BS and we embrace transparency, a beloved Scandi trait, to the max; therefore, we would like to be straight with you and paint a picture as detailed as possible about what it looks like working in #TheUltimateSalesTeam. No fluff, just genuine awesomeness.

Why would you want to work on #TheUltimateSalesTeam?

  • It is rewarding, both mentally and financially to sell at ultimate. We are small enough for you to emerge yourself in the adrenaline rush when you hit your target and bring on board a huge client. New deals are met by applause during our Town Hall and also are rewarded with our commission scheme.

  • You are about to work with a dynamic, nimble, and open-minded team. Age discrimination, or any kind of discrimination for that matter, is never a thing here and we welcome everyone who is willing to work with us.

  • Sales people have to be at the office all the time”. Why so, if the rest of the company can work remotely? We understand in order for you to be the best, we have to give you the best circumstances. Therefore, not only the tech team gets the benefits of a flexible remote environment, but our Sales people as well. For our on-site Sales team in Berlin, we implement a 3-office-day policy per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

What skills would thrive in #TheUltimateSalesTeam?

  • A great communicator and a great listener. You are selling to humans, not machines. Customer is Queen (and King) and you need to be able to not only communicate why we are the right choice for them but also to listen to their problems and offer solutions.

  • You understand that besides just being a really good sales person, you are carrying the flag of in the Customer Service industry. What you will sell is not just a product: We are the whole package when it comes to making Customer Service better for our customers.

  • Results-driven is an unbeatable trait when working with us. You are eager and your willingness to hit your sales target is sky-high.

Our Clients…

  • Come from a wide-range of industries, from telecommunications to E-commerce to even the public sector. For the moment, our sweet spots are the Mid-Market and Enterprise section of the market in DACH, UK, and Nordics.

  • We are typically in conversations with the leaders of Customer Service departments of our potential clients, think Head of Customer Support, Customer Service Team Lead, Customer Service Director and COO/CCO. Being a tech product means we will come in contact with technical decision makers as well, like engineers, IT, and system admins.

  • We have over 60 customers around the world, but this number is always growing.

Target? Did someone say Target?

  • Each rep has a quarterly revenue target, which rolls into the yearly quota.

  • Commissions are paid against attainment of the quarterly targets, and scale as you get closer to reaching your goal.

  • Commissions are uncapped, so the more you achieve, the more you are rewarded.

Sales Cycle

The sales cycle entirely depends on which clients you are selling to. For clients with the size of 50 - 200 employees, we expect the sales cycle to be from 3 to 6 weeks. For customers with the size of 200 - 500 employees, the sales cycle is 2 to 3 months. For above 500+ it could take 3 to 6 months.

Mid-Market reps are supported by an SDR for assistance with lead generation, otherwise it is a full cycle role, and reps are expected to source their own deals. Enterprise Reps are supported 1:1 with an SDR. Outbound is definitely an important part of our work and crucial to your success!


  • Hubspot is our central CRM across sales, CS, and marketing

  • Outreach is our sequencing, campaigning, and contact analytics tool

  • Lusha provides us contact data

  • LeadIQ provides us contact data

  • LinkedIn SalesNavigator - prospecting & company information

  • CrunchBase - prospecting & company information