Our Work Regimen πŸ”­

Agile Methodologies

The teams have the right to decide if they want to work with Scrum or KANBAN. There is no dedicated Agile coaches but there is heavy collab between Engineering Managers and Squad leads to make sure the teams stay organized.

We work in the typical two-week-sprint:

  • At the start of every sprint, the dev team sits down with the product owner to go through the backlog; discuss the upcoming work and plan everything.

  • Daily stand-ups are conducted, well, everyday

  • Grooming sessions?

  • Regular Retros help us improve, some teams do one every sprint, others every other sprint

However, Wednesday is no meeting day so no worries that you spend your time in constant meetings

Learning and development

  • From day 1 of working with us, you are entitled to a 1000EUR development budget that you can spend on any kinds of learning and books you like that means conference tickets and courses and books

  • For our development team, we have a Egghead.io learning account so you can hone your technical skills.

  • We have a Tech Demo Sessions every month so our engineers can show the team what they have been working on.


Besides our tech stack which can be found here, there are some other tools that we use as well:

  • Slack for communication, we live on Slack and even have an etiquette

  • We use the entire Atlassian suite for a lot of things (this Confluence page is an example πŸ”₯):

    Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence, OpsGenie, etc.

  • Which IDE you want to use is your choice, so please feel free to use whatever you feel comfortable with. Most of us use Webstorm. We’re happy to get you a license for that, just ask your manager.


We believe that we should take ownership of our product. Almost all of our engineers are on-call max. 10 days per month. We always have two people on call, one engineer and one DevOps-Engineer taking the shift for one week, then we rotate to divide the work evenly.