Career Path 🪜

Career growth has many forms, it’s a unique journey for everyone. However there are some common patterns in the career paths that help us define a career progression framework.

Let’s take a look at how this framework looks like…

Levels- the career progression framework 🪜

The framework consists of Levels and it defines expectations at each Level to differentiate between them. To break down these expectations, we used the company values as categories:

  • Trust - focus on communication, ownership, independence

  • Impact - focus on job complexity, creating value, making an impact

  • Customer Success - focus on contribution to the customer’s journey

  • Ethics - focus relation to the team, supporting and respecting others

Career paths 🛤

We identified 6 levels of career progression on a Maker path and 3 levels of the Tech Lead and the Engineering Manager path and 2 levels in Product Management:

  • Individual Contributor (IC) L7-L2

“Do I want to build bigger and better systems and processes?”

“Do I want to become a thought leader/specialist in my role?” 

“Do I want to focuses on the Technical Growth of my team members and the system?”

“Do I want to focus on alignment of the technical direction?”

“Do I want to manage bigger and better teams?”

“Do I want to focus on team organisation and helping people progress in the business?”

Levels + compensation 💶


How is Levels tied to compensation?

  • Salary Benchmark: Compensation is tied to Levels and is set in our Salary Benchmark. Each Level has a fixed compensation assigned, meaning Equal Pay within one level no matter which path (Maker, Tech Lead or People Manager).

  • Salary data: Salaries are benchmarked externally using market data and internally using data from our Talent Team to make sure we are paying fairly

 How do salary changes happen?

  • Salary Review: Our Salary Benchmark is reviewed and adjusted to market rate yearly to make sure our compensation stays competitive to the market levels.

  • Salary change with promotion: Yes, reaching the next level, also means higher compensation. 

No salary adjustment will be made outside of the June/July review period or the reaching the next level in your career.

Levels + titles

Titles are tied to Levels, on each path and each level there is a title assigned. You can see the titles below in the Levels description.



Individual Contributor Path

The People Manager Path

The Tech Lead Path

Level 7

Junior Engineer

Level 6

Mid-level Engineer

Level 5

Experienced Engineer

Level 4

Senior Engineer

Engineering Manager

Chapter Lead

Level 3

Staff Engineer

Senior Engineering Manager

Group Chapter Lead

Level 2

Principle Engineer

Director or Head of Engineering

Director or Head of Engineering

VP/ C-level