Team set-up 👾

Leadership 🚩

Our CTO Simon runs our Engineering Boat. He joined our team with years of experience being a CTO at Clue or travel audience.

Our CSO Jaakko is one of the co-founders of Ultimate and has been the brain of our AI since back then! He leads our AI Research Team.

Markus, our VP of Analytics, leads our data strategy, working with a team of Data Analysts and Data Engineers.

The Product boat is sailed by our very own VP of Product Udi Miron and his companion Bagel 🥯

Our Head of Design, Magnus, leads our Product and Brand Designers.

Team structure 📚

Our Engineers and Product Designers work in Cross Functional Teams (Squads) with a clear mission owning one part of our product end to end. Together with their Product Manager they decide what to build to fulfil their purpose. A Squad Lead in the Cross Functional Team and the Engineering Managers help the team to achieve their goals and remove any impediments to progress.

Engineers of the same specialisation from all Squads work together in a Chapter. They meet on a regular basis to define the technical direction and discuss implementation. The Chapter Lead is one of the experts from that Chapter and facilitates the decision making process and makes sure our architecture is build to last.

Do while our Squads decide on what to do , the Chapter decides on the how.

Our Teams for AI Research, DevOps and Quality Assurance work closely with the Product Teams enabling them to build high performing products and test and deploy their applications.