Relocation and Visa 🏷

Having a very international team allows us to gain expertise in everything-visa-and-work-permit-related πŸ’ͺ🏽

If you have chosen to relocate to Berlin to be an ultiMATE, we will provide our support with your visa to make sure that you have a great smooth landing.

Visa πŸ“

  • For working in Germany as a third-country nationals, you will need to get a Work Permit of often case, Blue Card. For more information, click here.

  • We offer support for your visa application process, either our People Team can assist you or in more complicated cases, our visa consultant

  • After you are here, we will also provide you with further help in getting a Blue Card with German authorities.

  • If you are already here in Germany but your visa needs amendment, reach out to us and we will provide you in-house help!

Relocation πŸ“Œ

Up-rooting your life and moving to a new country is never easy, no matter at what stage of your life you are in recently. We have therefore taken the liberty to create the ultimate guide to moving to Berlin. If you have any more question, don’t be afraid to ping your culture manager!